Harnessing the benefits of sebum secretion

The skin, the largest organ in the body, is an untapped target for modulating systemic bodily functions.

We have found that the stimulation of skin keratinocytes with a variety of drugs, including the Vitamin D3 analog – MC903, results in the release of “skin-derived factors”.

These skin-derived factors circulate through the body, which remotely stimulates sebaceous glands of skin across the whole body to release more sebum.

Sebum is a skin-protective lipid-rich substance that contains anti-microbial peptides.

Thus, the increase in sebum enhances skin moisturization and enhances skin barrier function.

In addition, the loss of lipids from the skin in the form of sebum results in total body lipid depletion, which induces adipose loss. Thus, harnessing this function of skin will be useful in the treatment of skin-related disorders (e.g., Eczema) and lipid metabolic disorders (hyperlipidemia and obesity).