Formulytica is a product development organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.Abrax has partnered with Formulytica to leverage their expert formulation development and analytical method development and validation services.  In addition to the ABX919 formulation, we have now formulated a new emulsion based lotion for a topical application of MC903.

Eurofins is a BioPharma Product Testing company based in Australia.  Abrax has partnered with Eurofins for their quality chemical, microbiological and physical analytical services.

Eurofins Dermatest is a leading sunscreen and skin care evaluation laboratory based in Australia.  Abrax has performed multiple preclinical animal studies with Dermatest including Eye irritation BCOP, Photo-Cytotoxicity, and Skin Sensitization tests.  As expected, our product was found to be hazardous if applied directly to the eye, but no other safety issues were observed.

Based in Australia, Southern Star Research is a full-service clinical research organisation (CRO) helping sponsors to navigate the complexities of bringing new medical products to market.  Abrax has acquired Southern Star Research’s services for, not only the application process to begin the first in human phase I clinical trials, but also to oversee the clinical trials, and to manage and analyze the study results.

We are conducting joint research with a research team from the graduate school of Kyushu University, a national university in Japan.

PCI Pharma Services is an international company specializing in the development, manufacturing, packaging, and supply chain management of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. Utilizing a global network, they provide industry-leading services. They leverage cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver clients’ products to the market swiftly and efficiently.

Vivotecnia, a CRO company based in Spain, has conducted toxicity tests on our drug candidates to ensure their safety. They are an important partner in conducting tests based on Abrax’s roadmap, which plans for clinical trials with a view to obtaining FDA approval in the United States.

Camargo is a company that provides development and consulting services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They supported Abrax in the early stages of drug development. Currently, their operations have been taken over by Premier Research.

Tergus Pharma, based in the United States, has been a partner in our early-stage drug development. Together with them, we developed ABX-919, which forms the foundation of our current development efforts. The evolved version of this drug has been developed by Formulytica.