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CEO and Co-Founder

We are developing a technology to maximize the potential of the human immune system

Haven’t we ever wished for a younger and healthier body at least at one point in our lives?I for sure would be one of those people.

At Abrax Japan, we are developing a technology to stimulate a substance (TSLP) that is produced just underneath the skin to unleash an unrecognized potential of the human immune system to attain a healthy body from the inside out.

In recent years, there have been considerable advancements in the development of both prescription and cosmetic drugs. Yet, there are many diseases still without any effective treatment or with treatments that accompany unwanted side effects. Our treatment strategy is novel and safe, because it utilizes a natural substance that is produced by our own skin. We believe that this treatment will create a healthier skin environment by extracting lipids from the blood and throwing it on the skin surface. Through this novel strategy, we are targeting skin diseases and lipid disorders that have a huge unmet need.

Here at Abrax, we believe that we have leveraged findings that appear counterintuitive to a commonly accepted understanding of the function of TSLP. We are committed in developing and manufacturing drugs that take advantage of this novel concept and aim to achieve treatment strategies that are effective and can be easily used by patients.

Abrax Japan CEO


CSA Message

CSA and Co-Founder

My role is to bridge basic Science and clinical medicine

Growing up, I have always wanted to work in the field of medicine and to take care of people with disease. After being mesmerized by research experiences during my training, I dreamed of helping patients not only through direct care but also through my research.

Now, I am doing exactly that; I am a physician scientist and wear two hats: one as a medical doctor and another as a scientist. I believe that my role as a physician scientist is to bridge basic science and clinical medicine. In essence, physician scientists help to transition “bench to bedside”. Accordingly, a life-long goal of mine has been to help patients through the translation of basic science discovery into therapeutics or diagnostics in a clinically meaningful manner. As such, my research interests have been focused on intracellular signaling pathways that could be therapeutically targeted to alter the function and development of immune cells, which could potentially provide benefit to disease outcome.

In our work investigating the interactions of the immune system with the skin microenvironment, we found that a cytokine (i.e., an immune hormone) known as thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) is a critical regulator of sebum production and skin barrier function. Sebum is a lipid-rich substance that protects our skin from the environment. In some diseases such as eczema , sebum secretion is reduced and in others such as acne vulgaris, sebum is overproduced. Thus, control of sebum secretion in either direction is beneficial for treatment of these diseases.

In addition, being an energy-rich substance, sebum secretion can also have an impact on whole body lipid metabolism. Taking advantage of this newly discovered axis, we established Abrax Japan to translate our findings into practical human use for the treatment of skin and lipid disorders. Here at Abrax, we strive to promote health through the skin by this novel concept.

Abrax Japan CSA



Company Information

Company Information

Company Name Abrax Japan, Inc
Address 2-2-15 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan
TEL (+81)3-5776-3838
Capital JPY 258,166,141
Founded May 21, 2020
Affiliate Company Abrax Australia Pty Ltd (Australian Company Number 651944991)

Company History

2020 Abrax Project initiated by Dr. Taku Kambayashi
2020 Abrax Japan established
2020 Mr. Jo Narita inaugurated as the CEO
2020 Seed 2 Fundraise; ¥190 million raised from a Venture Capital and Angel Investors
2020 Business Partnership with Camargo
2020 Business Partnership with Tergus Biopharma
2020 Seed 3 Fundraise; JPY 50 million raised from Angel Investors
2021 Reaching Over JPY 1 Billion In Corporate Valuation
2021 Abrax Australia Pty. Ltd established
2021 Dr. Kambayashi’s research published in world famous and a prominent science journal Science
2021 Seed 4 Fundraise; JPY 310 million raised from existing investors to support pre-clinical and clinical studies
2022 Double Winner of the Best of the Best Award at STAT Summit 2022 in the U.S.
2022 Signed an exclusive license agreement with the University of Pennsylvania.
2023 Dr. Kambayashi explains some of his research in an information program on NTV
2023 Completed non-clinical safety evaluation in preparation for the start of clinical trials
2023 Signed a joint research agreement with Kyushu University for the development of new compounds
2024 Performed dose escalation and efficacy small animal studies using combination drugs