Abrax Japan and Kyushu University Graduate School concluded Joint Research Agreement

Abrax Japan, in collaboration with Professor Mieko Arisawa of the Department of Biofunctional Molecular Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University in Japan (hereafter “Kyushu University”), is forging a path to innovate next-generation products. We have entered into a joint research agreement for the development of novel compounds. Based in Tokyo, Abrax Japan is committed to creating first-in-class treatments targeting skin diseases and obesity. The current partnership aspires to harness Professor Arisawa’s expertise in organic synthesis technology to cultivate new compounds for future medicinal applications.

Presently, Abrax Japan is engaged in the development of new topical medications for conditions such as eczema, lipid metabolism disorders, and obesity. Our primary developmental product is a reconfigured version of calcipotriene, a drug traditionally used for psoriasis treatment, reimagined for alternative applications. This effort leverages calcipotriene’s established physical properties to formulate a leading asset concept. A proof of concept (POC) is underway. Concurrently, Abrax Japan is diligently pursuing the discovery of new drug candidates to enhance treatments for eczema and obesity.

Professor Arisawa’s research at Kyushu University encompasses the innovation of novel organic chemical reactions and synthesis methodologies. His work contributes significantly to the repository of substances with fundamentally new molecular frameworks, fostering research that amalgamates chemistry with biology. His research trajectory involves both foundational studies leading to the unveiling of new chemical and biological phenomena and principles, as well as applied research focused on creating agricultural and pharmaceutical agents that aptly address environmental stress for flora and fauna. This joint research initiative will pivot on our proprietary molecular design approach to formulate low-molecular compounds of high biocompatibility and advance the synthesis of promising drug candidates.

Through this synergistic venture, Abrax Japan envisions the creation of innovative compounds by capitalizing on Professor Arisawa’s acumen in organic synthesis. This alliance is anticipated to expedite the advancement of new drug candidates akin to calcipotriene, but with enhanced safety and efficacy profiles.

Jo Narita, CEO of Abrax Japan, remarked, “We are immensely pleased and honored to embark on this joint research endeavor with a distinguished institution like Kyushu University. It marks a pivotal stride towards our ambition of pioneering first-in-class treatments for pertinent conditions. With first-in-human clinical trials slated for 2024, this collaborative effort is expected to catalyze significant advancements in therapeutic solutions for individuals grappling with skin diseases, obesity, obesity-related complications, and dyslipidemia.”

About Abrax Japan Founded in Tokyo in 2020 by Dr. Taku Kambayashi and Mr. Jo Narita, Abrax Japan is dedicated to the development and commercialization of therapeutic drugs predicated on Dr. Kambayashi’s research at the University of Pennsylvania. To date, the company has secured 3.7 million USD (approximately 550 million Japanese yen) in seed funding from private investors and venture capital firms, propelling the development of its flagship product. In 2024, Abrax Japan anticipates conducting a first-in-human clinical trial for chronic hand eczema in Australia.

About Kyushu University With a vision to be “a catalyst for societal transformation through comprehensive knowledge” by 2030, Kyushu University is poised to maximize its accumulated wealth of knowledge and human resources. In tandem with local communities, the university is spearheading initiatives to address societal challenges and forge a sustainable future, replete with diverse forms of contentment for humanity. The university is home to groundbreaking research in domains such as decarbonization, healthcare, and environmental and food sciences. By leveraging its expansive campus for demonstrative experiments and fostering university-based ventures, Kyushu University is committed to translating research findings into societal applications.

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